Sam Roweis died unexpectedly on January 12, 2010.

He was a truly wonderful person; a beloved son, husband and father; and a treasured friend and colleague.

This is a place for all of us who were lucky enough to know Sam to share our memories and to help celebrate his life.
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Saturday, 16 January 2010

from Bruce Francis

I wrote this [in a] letter of reference for Sam in 1995:

"I have known Mr Roweis since January 1993; he attended my third-year course on Signals and Systems.

"Although my contact with him has been via just one course, in fact I believe I know him quite well. The reason for this is that his class participation was so extraordinary: He attended every lecture, answered at least half the questions I asked the class, and offered many suggestions to me afterwards, in written form, concerning the delivery of the course from his perspective. He is certainly the most stimulating undergraduate student I have met in the past, say, ten years.

"The last few lectures of my course were problem-solving sessions. I asked for student volunteers to go up to the blackboard and give solutions to the problems I had posed, while I sat with the other students. In one of these sessions, Mr Roweis volunteered and proceeded to give beautiful solutions with lucid explanations, in fact, a complete polished lecture. Mr Roweis is a born teacher and I'm confident he would become a great professor if he were to pursue this path....

"Mr Roweis has an outgoing personality and he receives enormous respect from his fellow students. It's my impression that he's the leader of the intellectual clique in his class."

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  1. A couple years ago, Sam asked me what I was teaching. I told him it was "Signals and Systems" and that we were redesigning the whole course. He was excited, saying that "Signals and Systems" is his favorite course in the whole engineering curriculum. Sam always had excellent taste (and clearly had an outstanding teacher for the course when he was a student!).